4 Perfect Details of the Whimsical A Line Gown

Shopping for long prom dresses means coming face to face with thousands of different color combinations and styles. While many women lean towards the traditional prom styles with bright colors and jeweled accents, we happen to love the simple look of the whimsical A-line gown. If you’re in the market for long prom dresses, here are four simple details that make this gown perfect.

  1. Cap sleeves. Strapless and sleeveless is all the rage but not necessarily loved by all women. The cap sleeve design has grown in popularity for a middle ground to the strapped and sleeveless look. These are categorized as short sleeves that just cover the cap of the shoulders. The style is wonderful because it helps elongate the arms without being too much sleeve for a spring or summer event.
  2. Wide A-line waist. The A-line fit of the dress is highlighted by a wide scrunched waistband. This little detail is another benefit of this dress because it helps trim down the waistline and gives the look of an hourglass figure – no matter what your body frame type.
  3. Open back. Nothing feels as sexy as an open back. This gown has a diamond cut opening on the upper back only so that it is not too revealing – but still sexy. That detail allows this dress to be the most versatile evening gown for any event, during any season.
  4. Subtle sweetheart neckline. It is no secret that the sweetheart neckline is most appealing to women. The subtle design of this particular dress is lovely because it creates a modest take on the classic look, once again helping this dress be more versatile for more occasions.